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Apple Cup 2013

Happy Apple Cup day! We've got you covered with Husky jokesUW Husky Hall of Shame, and more.





Oregon Junior Back Again
The Huskies take trolling their own fans to a whole new level this season, as they roll out yet another vanity helmet. Like Stanford's late-game injuries, Husky fans are forced to fake it. The forced comebacks and justifications for these atrocities echo throughout the Pacific Northwest, usually accompanied by some statement about how the UW "Black Out" is cool-- despite repeating just a few days ago that "Real Dawgs Wear Purple."

The Huskies, building on their image as "Oregon Jr" for mimicking the uniforms of a program they try to emulate, will play their idols this weekend wearing black velvet helmets with purple streamers down the center.

This, on the heels of the "Brass Knoorknob" look:

Sadly, the one helmet everyone could agree on is now homeless. Helmet car was last seen turning tricks under the Fremont bridge in exchange for a taste of chardonnay.

Sark Blames Loss on Cheating
Steve Sarkisian blamed his teams loss to Stanford by accusing a college athlete of cheating to help his coach manage the game clock.

Naturally, the accused player denied the false accusation, and Stanford coach David Shaw put the exclamation point on it.

"The only assistant coach I know of in the Pac-12 that has had players fake injuries is at Washington, not Stanford." That's in reference to Huskies assistant Tosh Lupoi, who was at Cal when the Golden Bears infamously feigned injury to slow down Oregon in 2010. Lupoi admitted to the ploy shortly after the game.

Keep it real, Sark!

Those supporting the University of Washington Huskies who exhibit obnoxious behavior, arrogance and smack talk but did not attend the school. Most of these fans didn’t go to college and claim UW as it’s geographically desirable. They may also leverage a family connection (i.e my brother went to UW, therefore I have the right to talk smack about the Cougs and act like an ass) to justify the poor, classless behavior. Ironically, it’s typically the Jack-Huskies who get the most defensive, trash talk the most about the Washington State University Cougars and respond with shouting of uneducated expletives.

Typical UW t-shirt fans in the Seattle area that just want to be a fan and keep their mouth shut is found to be less annoying and acceptable however once they start talking smack, acting arrogant and can’t specify any real connection to the school through actual, personal experience (i.e student, alumni, professor), they are categorized as a Jack-Husky. Most Jack-Huskies come out around Apple Cup if UW is doing well.

Official definition of Jack Husky

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